Is There a Future for the Tea Party in American Politics?

I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. I do believe that we could improve the USA if we have smaller government and a less intrusive Federal government. I believe that the Federal government should primarily be concerned with National Security and International Relations. I do not believe that people’s lives should be overly regulated and I would love to see more personal freedom.

With all of that being said, I had to go and scroll through some of the right-wing statements and policies regarding national security and legislation since I wanted to see whether they really believe the same things I do.

1. In order to improve national security we need to be able to arrest people without due legal process and we need to listen in and read all of their phone calls, emails and all other correspondence (Patriot Act). That to me is not expanding personal liberty – it is basically taking away our rights and liberties one at a time in order to justify the feeling that somehow we will be safer this way.

2. We should stop regulating everything Americans can and cannot do. The caveat is of course, as long as it does not clash with firmly held Christian beliefs. Therefore the right of women to choose and the rights of gay people to have the same rights as heterosexual couples will not be allowed or will be disallowed because our beliefs are the right ones and all other people should be forced to live this way.

3. Taxes should be cut – as long as we do not cut the taxes on lower income groups since they do not work hard enough at three jobs and almost no time off. They only leech off the owners of corporations who need them to build their empires so the so-called trickle down effect of more jobs etc can happen and these corporations should not be taxed because that is punitive and does not encourage innovation and job growth.

Interesting how noble ideals such as the ones I do believe in can be warped in such a way. These “new” ideals are what is pulling the Republican Party in two directions. True conservatives simply should not be able to live with the caveats added to their sacred beliefs. There is a clear picture emerging that the new Republican darling will have to be able to woo both groups and that is not going to be easy, since not all Republicans are as easily cheated and coerced as the far right Christians believe. We do not all support Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann that believe that liberals are “anti-American” and should be retrained in camps.

This brings me to the Tea Party movement, that now similarly is being infested with these radical ideas that the only regulation that should be done is that which furthers the cause of Christianity. It has been reported that there is now some of these people who started this movement that are leaving as it does not reflect the values they envisioned when it started. It is becoming increasingly clear that the true libertarian has no home right now and needs to find one where religion or fear mongers cannot kill it.

As for this revised Tea Party being the future of American politics, this writer certainly does not think so, but hopes that they will continue to believe it, since there are more people out there that do not identify with any religious grouping and sees the Tea Party as exactly that – another hi-jacked beautiful idea! British conservatives have commented on how their American brothers and sisters have lost their way.Maybe it is time for the Republican party to find its way back to true Conservatism with its worthy intellectual tenets – yes true conservatives have been considered some of the most intellectual beings! Populism is for the Palin’s of this world, the Republicans need to go back to the playbook and rediscover the message that small government and less taxes and regulations do not mean what they are currently standing for.

The Tea Party movement should rid itself of these radical Christian elements that will kill it in the end. There is a movement against the Christian efforts to combine government and Church – it is called the Constitution of the United States and the founding fathers that are so easily used to further their causes. The founding fathers of this country would never have condoned the brazen techniques of fear mongering and division that are perpetrated by the revised movement meant to have inspired libertarian causes and believers!